Civil Litigation

Our office can represent you in civil litigation, mediation, or arbitration for many types of cases, including business litigation, real estate litigation, estate administration and litigation, construction litigation, and employment litigation.

Estate, Trust, & Probate

We can help you set up an estate plan and/or trust to ensure your end of life decisions and estate distribution are carried out in accordance with your wishes. We can also assist you through every step of the estate administration of a loved one and initiate the probate process if necessary. If an estate-related dispute arises, our experienced firm will also actively represent you in any ensuing litigation.

Labor and Employment Law

Our firm is experienced in labor and employment law and will represent both employers and employees in many types of employment related disputes in administrative proceedings, arbitration, mediation, or litigation. We also assist employers in preventing disputes by creating and reviewing employee manuals, drafting employment contracts and termination agreements, and by giving general advice on California labor related matters.

Corporate and Commercial

At the Law Offices of Philip L. Hummel, IV, APC we can guide and inform you at every step of the corporate process. We can help set up your business entity, assist in the operation and maintenance, draft and review agreements and contracts, and assist in any dispute resolution that may arise from your business.

Real Estate and Construction

Our firm can provide you with many real estate services such as property transactions, property related disputes, and real estate related agreements to protect your property interests. We also provide representation for a variety of construction related claims such as contract drafting, public and private works claims, mechanics liens, and contractor licensing disputes.